This is Anusha

I create responsive websites.

About me


I’m a self-taught web developer, and this website is about my projects and my journey of learning how to code. I am interested in full-stack web development and blockchain technology. Other than coding, I love hiking and traveling. I am from Taiwan and I am bilingual in Chinese and English.


sea view


HTML5 - including basic SEO, Accessibility
CSS3 - Grid, Flexbox, Media Queries, Pre-processor (SASS), BEM
JavaScript - ES5, ES6

Others - Git and GitHub, Build tools

Project: Taiwan Hikes

Taiwan Hikes website

See Live

I'm an avid hiker and I met some tourists who want to go hiking in Taiwan, but they don't know how. There are many free hiking trips, but mainly written in Chinese. So, I create this website to update those trips to let people who don't read Chinese can enjoy the hikes with the locals.